sorry for not posting much ahah so here’s a sketchy old r15 thing 

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pchat from last night before the P4D news broke and distracted all of us! linefaced drew the Souji (and teeny yosk), I drew the demented shadow Yosuke, and idylliccommotion drew the scandalized Ai! THIS WAS FUN!



I told you to give up, didn't I?
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royalty…either king or overlord, probably

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"Please, won’t you dance with me?"

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"Ooh, you’re texting Senpai? Tell him I said hi!"

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Without you here with me,
Today is indeed a bit lonely, but
I am still alive,
And the world continues to turn.
Since I still haven't found what I'm searching for,
And I still haven't found what I'm listening for,
I want to get just a little lost right now.
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when you’re alone in the dark at night with no parents at home to make it better

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it was probably the best birthday he had in his life thus far (because remember this date)

actually, it probably fits in better with the following morning, since apparently he did go to take a peek at the shop on his own lol

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